Prospect with a Facebook Quiz

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customized, interactive and viral.

With 0.10$ per participation of which 60% of mails collected, Sondeve beats all other channels.
Build customer relationships with interactive, personalized and viral content.
Convert your prospects into simple, personalized experiences.

Designed to be simple

In less than a few hours, create a quiz simply and easily with a few questions, answers and results.

Sondeve quizzes provide a personalized experience with no right or wrong answers. Sondeve allows you to create a series of questions and link the different answers to the quiz results via a simplified scoring system.

Quizzes allow you to reveal something interesting or surprising about each of your participants, making them want to share their results with their friends and family.

Publish on Facebook

Even though we love our logo, we know it’s important that your quizzes match your own identity. The quizzes will be posted with your brand through its Facebook page.

Ads with quizzes on Facebook easily reach top performance ratings. Try out various promotions starting at 5$ and get the best performance possible !

Get prospects

You have an emailing solution like MailChimp, Sendin blue, Mailjet or others?

Connect Sondeve to your emailing solution with Zapier! Maintain a unique and personalized relationship with the participant from the end of the quiz based on his result and his answers.

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